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Warning....Some of these pictures are graphic.

Katie, unaware of what conditions her brother and mom are in.

Katie's injuries include: broken right forearm; broken left femur; hair-line fractures in some vertabrae; cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Katie with forced smiles.


Katie's first visit with Mom - Aug 2nd - the day of Tyler's funeral.


The next 4 pictures are of Laura's wounds.

Injuries include:  fracture right ankle; internal fixator, right tib/fib; internal fixator, right femur; broken femoral neck (hip joint), cracked pelvis....

...internal fixator, left tib/fib; dislocation left knee; muscle flap, left leg; left leg donor site for skin graft; skin graft, left leg; skin graft, right leg; right knee damage...

...internal fixator, right forearm; traumatic eviceration (organs inside busted out); torn spleen; broken ribs; punctured lung; broken right jaw; broken pinkie; 2 chest tube holes; tracheotomy... impariment from head injury; ruptured tendons and ligaments in right arm; several blood transfusions; total right hip replacement; left tibia rod exchange; bone graft, right lower femur... thus far.

Progress: 7 1/2 months later.


Ugly scars...but at least I still have my legs!



Katie & Mom